Learning New Skills

Hello! I'm Gayla Williams

Lovely Day

      I'm a Computer Tutor in the North Kansas City area,
instructing independently as well as through Park Hill's adult 
learning program.

     With my 1-on-1, individual, 2-hour computer training, my students become confident with their computers.  They learn that Windows 10 is far easier than they thought, and they understand how to participate in email and social sites. 

     "What is the cloud?" they ask. I have unique ways to help them understand clouds, search engines, and similar dizzying concepts.

     Last year, I added another class to my offerings.  Painting with Water Color.

     People enjoy this relaxing art form.  A short list of tools proves water coloring to be portable and clean to use.

     Learn free at my blog. http://paintsandponderings.blogspot.com/ 

     Should you ever stop learning? No, no, no! With my simplifying teaching style, your family and friends will be amazed how you have kept up with the times.

     And the rewards of water color painting . . . well, I hope to hear what you think about that.

     If you do not live in the Kansas City area, I hope you will seek out educational opportunities wherever you live.